At the Institute for Reproductive Health, we are committed to providing top quality reproductive care to ALL of our patients, including those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. We are pleased to have been the community leader in delivering fertility expertise to the single patient, lesbian couples, gay men, and transgendered men and women for more than two decades.

For single women or lesbian couples wanting to start a family, we provide a full range of services for intrauterine insemination (also known as IUI, TDI, AI, or artificial insemination). Many lesbian couples want both women to participate in the process and choose IVF. Institute for Reproductive Health is the Tri State’s most experienced IVF center, and we are please to provide this in vitro fertilization treatment option in which one woman provides the eggs and the other partner carries the pregnancy. Sometimes this is called Reciprocal IVF or Co-maternity IVF.

For gay men wanting to start a family, this process is accomplished by using IVF with a donor egg, sperm from either male partner, and a gestational carrier (also known as a gestational surrogate). Because there is no infertile patient in this scenario, pregnancy rates with donor egg and a gestational surrogate are the highest for any IVF procedure we do. For legal simplicity, the donor egg and the gestational carrier should be different women. IRH is able to help provide both egg donors and gestational carriers to couples desiring these treatment option.

For male to female transgender patients, family building is accomplished through IVF with a donor egg, a patient’s own or donor sperm, and a gestational carrier as described above. For patients considering this transition, we can arrange to freeze sperm prior to hormonal therapy or surgery to keep your biologic parenting options open.

For female to male transgender patients, we can help start your family using your own eggs or donor eggs, a partner’s sperm or donor sperm, and either your own uterus or a gestational carrier. In some cases parenthood can be achieved with IUI therapy (artificial insemination, donor insemination) with either a partner’s sperm or donor sperm. If you are considering transitioning from female to male with surgery or hormone therapy, we encourage you to contact us to find out more about freezing your eggs first in order to keep your biologic parenting options open.

At IRH, we have the caring physicians, experienced staff, and dedicated laboratory to make your dreams of becoming a family a true reality. Make an appointment now by clicking here to take the first step on your journey.