Affording Treatment

One of the many misconceptions about infertility treatment is that it is always expensive. Basic diagnosis and treatment is not expensive. Many patients come to see us for a few visits and are able to conceive with simple inexpensive therapy.

Most insurance companies cover diagnostic evaluation so we can find out the cause of the infertility. After this evaluation is completed, treatment options will be outlined to you. At this point, you can speak to one of our financial counselors about the cost of treatment and financing options. IRH is a provider for most insurance plans and we make every effort to keep treatment cost effective so more people can achieve their goal of parenting.

IRH also offers programs such as the money back guarantee program.

It is important to remember that early diagnosis and treatment will result in the best results with the lowest overall costs.

IVF Loan Companies

Medication Assistance Programs

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Parental Hope Family Grant

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