Fact Vs Myth

Infertility is a common disease process that affects 10-15% of the couples within the U.S. who are within the childbearing age. It is also very common worldwide. In recent years, tremendous progress has occurred in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. We can do much more today than we could a few years ago. In spite of this misinformation regarding the subject abounds. These myths create barriers to the timely diagnosis and treatment of infertility.The truth is that most cases can be rapidly diagnosed and effectively treated. Treatment does not have to cost thousands of dollars. Also in spite of the image given in the press, most patients will not have multiple pregnancies.


Stress causes infertility…

This is usually not the case. In fact infertility and its treatment causes a great deal of stress rather than vice versa. Saying that stress causes infertility is a way of trivializing the problem.


Infertility treatment is expensive…

In some cases it can be. In many cases, it is simple, brief and inexpensive. The sooner patients are seen and treated the more likely basic treatment will succeed. Timely treatment can also minimize cost.


Treatment always causes multiples…

Some treatments such as ovulation drugs or in vitro fertilization do predispose to multiples. They do so to a much lesser degree than is commonly thought. For instance use of Clomid or Serophene increase the natural multiple pregnancy rate from 1.5% to 7%.


Friends, family, newspapers, T.V., and the internet are always accurate sources of information…

Accurate diagnosis and treatment is the way to go! Myths and misinformation are what we need to grow beyond.